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Charla Lewis

E-RYT500 Yoga Therapy

  • Life Coach

  • Ayurveda Wellness Consultant

  • Hatha Gong Master

  • Certified Medical Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher

  • 200 Hour Medical Qi Gong Instructor

  • Lifeline Technique - Certified Practitioner

  • Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

  • Experience GO Gap facilitator - Gap Year retreats for girls

Charla started practicing yoga in 2000 and was hooked immediately! Her daughters noticed how it affected her and would say “Mom, go to yoga!” Upon the realization that it was transformational not only physically but mentally, she embraced it even more. Upon moving to Phoenix in 2009 and having the time, she was now intent on following her dream to share her love of yoga. Having previously been an elementary school teacher, she wanted to pursue teacher training to combine these two passions and began her teaching journey in September of 2011, finishing the 200-hour program in January of 2012. She immediately enrolled in a Master Program of Healing Emphasis Yoga, finishing in December 2013.

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Charla was the co-owner of Joyful Yoga Studio in Tempe, AZ for 8 years but the pandemic wasn't kind to our industry.  You can find her online for Zoom calls or retreats as she travels the world with her husband, Bill and a West Highland Terrier, Dash, October through April!

Her yoga philosophy is the breath, posture, and patience. She loves to learn and to impart that knowledge to her students, emphasizing those principles. Her love of learning led her to study Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, through the Maharishi Ayurveda Association of America to compliment her healing emphasis. She specializes in TRE or Trauma Release Exercises developed by David Bercelli, PhD, as well as postural work using the Egoscue Method. She incorporates the gong and crystal bowls into her yoga classes for a vibrational healing experience.   She is also a Reiki Master and sends love and healing in all of her classes. She discovered Medical Qi Gong that enhanced her yoga teaching, which led to studying Acupressure.  The combination of this all comes together with the Body Code Technique! This is a manifestation system that allows us to release long-held patterns in our bodies that translate into physical symptoms and emotional stressors, choosing love in the face of fear!

Charla studied ballet from age 5 to 20 and has loved returning to the Barre! She has found it to be a wonderful compliment to yoga and loves teaching Barre! She spends her summers in Wildwood, NJ managing her family seasonal business, started in 1922 by her grandparents, and teaching Yoga on the Beach since 2012!


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Aubrey Conley

Aubrey is a Certified Life & Wellness Coach, yoga instructor, and  dancer.  Aubrey works with children & adults through her Radical Wellness Practice to help unlock their mind/body/soul connection and bring them into unity. Aubrey also holds a reiki master certification, is a globally published author, medical advocate, and Momma of two. ✨️

Stella Raab

As a queer yoga instructor, Reiki master, and former high school educator, Stella recognizes the importance of creating a space for all to feel seen. Her journey from the classroom to the yoga mat has been fueled by a commitment to personal growth and community care. Stella's teaching philosophy centers on meeting students where they are, empowering them to take ownership of their practice and emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between self-care and community wellness. Inspired by the warmth of sunflowers, the comfort of hot tea, and the tranquility of the ocean, she infuses her classes with a nurturing energy that encourages growth and connection.

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