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The Body/Belief Code Could Help YOU
A new layer of the Body Code is now available!  It's called the Belief Code and allows us to release the long held, subconscious and unconscious beliefs imbedded into our every day thoughts, emotions and actions!

Are you feeling stuck?  Do you suffer from chronic pain and illness? Discover the advanced wellness method developed by holistic chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson



It’s an easy and effective way to reach your subconscious mind through muscle testing.  Sessions can be done remotely so location isn’t an issue via a phone call or video.


One of the most important ideas behind holistic health and energy healing is that the human body has an incredible ability to bounce back.  And that, with the right balance, your body can recover from all kinds of discomfort and disease.

However, imbalance may allow physical or emotional obstacles to build up over time. Sadly, it seems that much of the population is in an unbalanced state in one way or another.  Few of us would honestly claim to feel 100% well (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) 100% of the time.

But while imbalance is extremely common, it may also be extremely easy to resolve.


The Body Code™ can help you to identify & correct imbalances in your body!


It is built on the premise that true health comes from being balanced in 6 different ways:


ENERGIES – Using the simple energy work designed to remove potentially damaging emotional and mental energies


CIRCUITRY – Systems like chakras, acupuncture, meridians, energy circuits of the organs and glands, and the body/spirit connection


TOXICITY – We identify and address possible harmful toxins that may not show up on traditional tests


PATHOGENS – We identify potentially destructive, elusive pathogens that can be corrected


STRUCTURAL – We can pinpoint imbalances in bones, organs, muscles, nerves, and connective tissues and gently correct them


NUTRITIONAL – Lifestyle imbalances can be identified for areas like nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, activities, or the need for bodywork.                     












Find Joy through 

Emotional Healing 

Ease Anxiscousness

Chakra Healing for Energy Balance


Physical Distress  

Identify the

Nutrition Your Body

is Craving


Potential Toxins &

Toxic Energy


What people are saying about the BODY CODE™


My Body Code session with Charla was an enlightening and heartfelt experience. I had no idea what to expect, and Charla was so willing to answer every single one of my million questions. I was so surprised that my own participation was so passive, yet I walked away feeling like she brought me to a greater connection with my own body as she was going through the muscle testing and seeking the information. I would highly recommend Body Code with Charla!

-Sarah R


Charla is a gifted healer, and I recommend her practice without hesitancy. I've been lucky and privileged to have worked with her from the beginning, as she developed her expertise in both Body Code and Emotion Code practice. In our sessions her clarity and insight came through to me immediately and constantly--she really "sees me" and is able to zone in on my current state. She has opened deep avenues of understanding core issues for me, and the relief effects have been long-lasting.  Also, I have had both in-person and zoom sessions with Charla, and am surprised to report that there was no "fall off" in her care for me on zoom. 

Charla's knowledge base of this work is very thorough and ever-growing; I know she's involved in a deep study of her healing practice, which is clearly her life's work. It's golden and only going to get better. 

The word I want to close with is Brilliance.

-Rob L


Charla is a gifted Body Code practitioner. She has excellent intuition and insight and her years practicing other healing modalities amplify the effectiveness of her Body Code work exponentially. My health and energy improved dramatically after our Body Code sessions. Highly recommended!!

-Monica P

Users of The Body Code™ have reported getting help with:

  • Chronic discomfort

  • Emotional distress

  • Hormonal issues

  • Reliving bad experiences

  • Organ function

  • Sleep issues

  • Digestive trouble

  • Learning problems 

  • Muscle soreness

  • Weight and food issues

  • Joint problems

  • Bedwetting

  • Fatigue

  • Night terrors

  • Sinus trouble

  • And much more!



We believe the subconscious mind is the ultimate intelligence, like a highly advanced computer system.  Our premise is that it knows everything you need in order to be healthy and happy.


Body Code™ Sessions are brief, simple, and non-invasive and is designed to get answers about your health directly from your subconscious mind.


It uses specific questioning, charts, and muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) to get those answers.  Often this helps us identify imbalances that, once resolved, may allow full health to return.  We can release those imbalances through magnetic energy and the principles of ancient Chinese medicine.  We may also identify what actions might be needed to restore balance. Results are often experienced right away.


We cannot guarantee any specific results and reported results do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using the Emotion Code™ or the Body Code™


***This does not replace care with your doctor but can support and will open up the healing process.

Learn more about The Body Code here.

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