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Radical Forgiveness

Mini Retreat!

Sunday, August 6-Wednesday, August 9, 2023


What’s included?

*3 Morning Yoga classes – Sunday, Monday and Wednesday – 9:00-10:15 AM

*Radical Forgiveness Ceremony and Sound Immersion – Sunday Evening 5:00-8:00 PM

*Sound Immersion with Guided Meditation – Tuesday 7:00-8:00 PM

*Heart Wall Clearing – 1:1 with Charla - done over the 4 days

*Angel Card Reading – 1:1 with Aubrey Conley – sometime during the 4 days


A chance to turn your vacation into a retreat yet still enjoy all that Wildwood has to offer. The rest of the time is for your leisure to relax and unwind. 


  All sessions will be held at the Burk Ave Beach 


Investment in yourself! $159.00 for all sessions

(Regular price for each item separately would be $200)


159 Angel Number – Hold positive thoughts and expectations about the changes you’re experiencing and know that they’re preparing  you for an even higher and deeper level of fulfilling your Divine life mission!


*If you need a place to stay, I have a guest house & can accommodate you.  Call for a price…


Hosted by Charla Lewis -

Healing Bodies, Healing Minds

Mind Body Spirit Life Coaching

Private sessions utilizing Reiki, Yoga Therapy, Trauma Work, Applied Kinesiology, Sound Healing, Ayurveda, meditation - based on your healing needs



What is a Radical Forgiveness Ceremony?


We all have painful stories that have probably stuck around with us a little too long.

If you have held on to some anger, resentments, and feeling like a victim longer than you wish, this is an opportunity to start to let that go.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to transform those painful emotions into unconditional love, gratitude and peace? 

This unique process, developed by Colin Tipping, has the potential to support you in transcending the victim archetype and end with embracing the inherent perfection of life.

All it takes is some willingness…

This is not steeped in any religion,  and is open to anyone of any faith.

The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony, based on indigenous healing circle ceremonies is largely a non-verbal process that preserves privacy and anonymity. It has proven itself to be extremely powerful and effective in allowing many people forgive themselves & others, and find some peace.

This is meant for adults 18 and older, who have already done some personal growth and process work, and can self regulate.

Day of: Wear comfy clothing, come having eaten a light meal or snack, and bring water with you.


Certified- Led Program

CUE’s available


Need more information?

call or text me

609.636.7184 (Charla)




Look for the flag!

For the classes, meet on the beach in front of the

Wildwood Convention Center 

4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ 08260

(Street and lot parking available)

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